The Contrarian
Daniel G. Vintner 

A new evolution book
by Daniel G. Vintner

Evolutionary theory has been the de facto answer to the "mystery of mysteries" of where new species originate. The theory of Charles Darwin left many questions unanswered, and he was confident that the next generation of scientists would be able to answer them.
Did the modern theory of evolution solve the issues Darwin could not, or did the new generation shy away from the challenge? How much of Darwin's original thought can be found in the modern theory, and why have some parts been left out? What did Darwin get right, and what did he get wrong, and would he have changed his thinking, if he knew what we do now?

This book is a critique of the theory of evolution of the old and the new and all the alternative theories that have crept up in-between. A philosophical inquiry of what constitutes good science and how much of that good can be found in the modern synthesis. An intellectual challenge for anyone daring to go down the rabbit hole of a controversy that was hiding in plaint sight, only seen by the giants of old.

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