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Daniel G. Vintner 

Hi! I'm Daniel G. Vintner

Web Programmer & Writer

I have been working in the IT industry since 2011 as a web developer. Over the years I have done full stack, backend and frontend web development and some app development as well. I worked for companies in Gibraltar, Hungary, Israel and the United States. I have also worked for some international organisations through my employers. Today I mostly do contract work.

My primary know-how is tied to NodeJS/DenoJS on the server and VueJS/Nuxt on the client side. My preferred UI framework is Vuetify and UIkit . My lesser skills include: CSS/SASS, PHP, Phonegap/Cordova, MongoDB, SQL, NGINX. My preferred IDE is Webstorm and I am primarily a Linux user.

I am interested in game development, AI projects and any kind of work that solves real problems. In my free time I study science and philosophy, write books, exercise in the wilderness or play computer games.

The Contrarian